Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The real Natas The real Truth

Sam thinks he can fool you. He tries to hide facts and figures behind truths barely beyond things that are lies. He is weak. Don't let him mislead you. The real truth is that I am as much a part of him, as he is himself. A symbiotic being that cannot survice without me.

shut up are a cancer I am ridding form my soul.

You do not belong in this. I have been with you since you were nine years old...wondering why you liked the song in the jukebox at the hospital. Whether you think I am a poison, or a cynical side I am real you fool!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Natas cheated. Or am I lost. I wrote pages and he deleted them...or did I do it on accident or fear. I don't know...I am lost in the whirlwind? Will I keep on writing and have it deleted lost for eternity? Cars rush by my feels like time slipping by. I don't know if it is Natas or me speaking now...I swear Natas and me were fighting. A verbal debate that went deep and philosphical...and it dissapeared in a stint of accidental deletion. Is it fate? Is it Natas? Is it Stupidity? My mind the traffic that flows by my house.

I have drank an entire bottle of brandy Natas. I am not myself. Do your worst...people will understnd.

Who do you think I am? People see what they want to see. They see another lost soul. Another fool. Another joe...lost in the whirlwind. (Don't try to win...I will delete it and start again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Maybe you have won. I am scared to write...confused to think. Giving up seems like a soft bed to fall into, and loose myself to an eternity of comfort.

Nice try bitch. People won't like you just because you try to reach them on a level of hardship. They will feel for you...they will like you because they emphasize, but they will go with whoever they feel is strong.

I know if I fight too hard you will just delete what I write Natas...your power is strong right now. But you aren't always right.

But I am the easiest. And as luck would have and your fellow bastards indulge me and feed me whether they want to or not. They travel down the gravitational path that is easiest...just like water. Fucking weak fools.

This argument will be made when I am the power of something else behind me...I swear it.

We will see.

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